MagyPath v1.2

Flash tutorial of playing MagyPath


What's new?

In the previous version of the game every passage to a new level added a new life to you. But you can also earn lives during the game. If during the game you see a glowing green square then it is a life. By stepping on that square you will earn a life. The positions of lives in the levels are fixed, which means that if you learn their positions you will be able step on them every time you will be playing the appropriate level. But note that the lives are not active from the beginning of the game, they will be activated later.

Hint: if the life square is not active and it is green or yellow, then by stepping on it you will lose the possibility earning it. If you know its position try to bypass it for earning it later.



When you first run the game the first mapping of the green, yellow, red and cyan squares is displayed on the playing area. You start from the bottom row and climb to the top row stepping on the green squares adjacent to the current square. If there are no green squares, you can step on the yellow ones, but in this case the quantity of your lives will decrease by one. Stepping on the red and cyan squares is not allowed.


Every time when you step on the green or yellow square the colors of some of the squares (green, yellow and red) on the playing area are changed, closing and opening your way to the top. The cyan squares are unchangeable during the whole game. The square you stepped on changes its color to gray and is joined to your path to the top row. You can move along the path squares freely to get adjacent green or yellow square for the next step.


Every passage to a new line increases your score by 15. Every green or yellow square joined to the path decreases the score by one. When you reach the top row the level is changed and you shall begin from the bottom row again. Every passage to a new level adds a new life to you. The main strategy of the game shall be the following: to reach to the top row of the highest level stepping on as few squares as possible and remaining alive.

You can also customize the style of the squares from Options menu. Currently there are four styles available for the user to choose (see the pictures above).

The more experienced you are, the higher will be your level and score.

For getting more information on the product view the product's documentation.

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